Emergency Tooth Extraction

What is a Tooth Extraction?

emergency tooth extraction North Las Vegas wisdom teeth Providence NV toothache Centennial Hills NVTooth extraction means removing the tooth from its socket. Common reasons for a tooth extraction include: removing wisdom teeth, getting rid of extra teeth, and removal of infected teeth. Some of these issues could develop into the need for an emergency tooth extraction.

Why Would I Need an Emergency Tooth Extraction?

Reasons for emergency tooth extraction could be severe tooth decay, gum disease, inflammation caused by partially erupted wisdom teeth, and trauma. If a tooth cannot be saved, it must be removed as soon as possible.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth extraction is the most commonly performed tooth extraction. This is because wisdom teeth are a holdover from the days when we had bigger jaws and needed the third molar for chewing and are no longer necessary for humans. Now, with our smaller mouths, wisdom teeth have become cumbersome and can sometimes create problems.

Decay is one of the more common issues with wisdom teeth, since it’s harder to clean that far back in your mouth. Wisdom tooth decay can lead to infections and inflammation, and before you know it, you may need an emergency tooth extraction.

So How Does it Work?

wisdom teeth North Las Vegas toothache Providence NV emergency tooth extraction Centennial Hills NVThere are two types of extractions: simple extractions and surgical extractions. Simple extractions are done on the teeth that are easily visible. Surgical extractions are done on harder to reach teeth, due to breaks at the gums or partial-eruptions.

Here are some of the steps:

Preparation | We’ll need to prepare for the extraction, and that includes x-rays, your dental history, and a decision on whether or not you will need antibiotics before the extraction.

Anesthesia | A local anesthesia will be injected to numb the area around the tooth. Depending on the severity of the surgery, you may receive a strong general anesthetic. Ask about what sedative options are available.

Simple extraction | Using extraction forceps (pliers) we will loosen the tooth before pulling it free.

Surgical extraction | This may include cutting into the gum, the use of a dental drill and extraction forceps. It is possible you will need stitches once the surgery is complete.

Choosing the right extraction option for you is important. Be an active participant in discussions regarding your oral health and treatments. Providence Dental is here to be your partners in oral health.

If you believe you need an emergency extraction, call us today!